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Welcome to Motimac USA, the destination for all of your brush sanding equipment needs. Motimac began as just an idea in 2001, and has since expanded to become one of the key players in brush sanding. Before our start there were very few business that specialized in building brush sanders. Today, we have become one of the top suppliers in the world.  What did we do different to set ourselves apart?  We listened to the brush sanding experts when designing our machines.  We proudly feature Flex Trim Brushes on all of our machines.


Our Lineup


Our FHDR1300 offers three sanding stations in one space saving unit. Fully automated with an easy to use Siemens touch screen interface, makes this machinery very user friendly. Cross sanding, cup sanding and linear sanding leaves a perfectly sanded product. Perfect for any profiled surface.



Our FH1300 single station machine is designed with horizontal units of rollers that rotate individually, and are trans-versing left and right at the same time.  This offers a  superior sanding effect for all surfaces.

fh1300n hd.jpg


Our FD1300 single station machine features two units of disc heads turning in opposite directions while moving left to right.  It sands surfaces in horizontal and vertical directions.  Breaking all edges, it leaves a uniform surface finish.

fh1300n hd.jpg


Our FR1300 single station machine offers two straight sanding hubs rotating in opposite directions.  This design makes for a consistent sanding finish on wood, metal, and composite materials.

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Our FH600/600 is the perfect stand up sanding machine for intricate pieces.  Perfect for any size shop.



Our FR365/FR650 linear sander offers 14" or 25" sanding width with three top heads and two side heads for complete three sided sanding in one pass.



Our table top automated hand sanding machine is perfect for all size shops in need of an edge sanding solution. With counter rotating heads you break both edges at once. Save money on hand sanding, and keep a uniform finish.



Similar to our 100/100 this table top machines offers a combination of hubs  on a single shaft, for use on numerous applications.


About Motimac USA

We Always Deliver

 Motimac USA is an industry-leading brush sanding machine manufacturer. We offer our customers the highest quality machines - at the best prices.  All of our machines are covered by warranty. Our trained service team is available to assist with install and service your machinery when needed. Replacement parts are stocked and readily available at our facilities in Queensbury, New York.

Our brush sanding experts will have you sanding more efficiently, without giving up the quality of your finish.

Featuring Flex Trim brushes we operate at a lower yearly abrasive cost while giving you the longest abrasive lifetime on the market.  Giving you less down time replacing brushes, and more time actually sanding. We are confident to say no other brush sander can match our finish capabilities. 

We ship our machines throughout North America and work with several strategic partners and distributors in order to make each order as smooth as possible. 

Want to know more? Get in touch with a member of our team today.



Queensbury, NY 12804, USA


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